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Female Sexual Health

Female Sexual Health

Our EMSELLA® treatments improve pelvic floor strength and ease female sexual health issues.

Our sexual needs are not static. Female sexual health, desires, and drives fluctuate over time and change based on our moods, hormonal levels, and physical wellness. However, if your sexual desire has taken a sudden nosedive and hasn’t recovered, you may be experiencing a bigger issue. 

Female sexual dysfunction is common, especially in post-menopausal women. But, thanks to EMSELLA®, it doesn’t have to be a permanent issue. This non-invasive device improves pelvic floor strength and restores desire, all without downtime. Schedule a consultation at an HTB office near you to learn more.

Woman experiencing sexual dysfunction issues

What Are the Signs of Poor Female Sexual Health?

Having a low libido, having difficulty reaching orgasm, and struggling with pain after sex are all common signs of poor female sexual health. Pelvic pain, in particular, is a good example of a physical problem that can cause sexual irregularity. All of these issues can add up, making you feel less confident. 

What Causes Female Sexual Dysfunction?

The causes of these health issues can be categorized into three groups; physical, hormonal, and psychological. Physical conditions such as bladder problems and heart disease can often lead to a sexual problem or lack of sexual interest. Hormonal changes caused by stress or menopause can be a factor as well, resulting in Anorgasmia. In some cases, psychological problems like anxiety and depression can put a strain on female sexual health too.

How EMSELLA® Improves Female Sexual Health

BTL Emsella® was made to strengthen the pelvic floor using non-invasive electromagnetic stimulation. By strengthening your pelvic floor, you can reduce urinary incontinence and improve sensation. Greater control means greater confidence and improved libido.

To find the best treatment plan for your body, we welcome you to get in touch with an HTB office near you.

Find Female Sexual Health Services Here in the Greater San Diego Area

If you’ve noticed a dip in your sexual health, EMSELLA® may be the treatment for you. EMSELLA® treatments are non-invasive and made to help you regain your control. Get in touch today by clicking the link below for a list of our offices. For questions and booking over the phone, give us a call at (760) 274-3160.


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