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Acne Scars

Acne Scars

We provide chemical peels, microneedling, fillers, and more for treating acne scars.

Make rough skin texture a thing of the past! Here at Holden Timeless Beauty, we offer a range of treatments to help you fight acne scars and get the smooth skin you deserve. Each plan is personalized and made to help your natural beauty shine through.

From chemical peels to powerful microneedling treatments, we have just what your skin needs. Our solutions take minutes to perform, and most need little to no downtime afterward. If you’re ready for what HTB has to offer, find your nearest location and schedule your appointment today!

Close-up on acne scars on a woman's face

How Do Acne Scars Develop?

Acne scars form in response to acne flare-ups. When your skin is damaged by acne and inflammation, your body responds by creating collagen. The collagen rushes to repair the damage but has a tendency to overdo things. Pockmarks that are either raised or indented develop as your skin heals unevenly. This results in the rough texture that many of us know too well.

What Are the Signs?

Facial acne scars come in several varieties. They can be raised or recessed and fall into one of four categories.

  • Ice pick – A scar with a wide shaft that narrows down to the tip. These scars are common and also one of the most challenging to heal. They often appear on the forehead and upper cheeks.
  • Rolling – A scar that has sloping edges, causing the skin to look uneven and wavy. These scars are typically found on the lower cheeks and jaw.
  • Boxcar – A scar that features indents with sharp edges that go down deep into the skin. These scars are common on the lower cheeks and jaw.
  • Hypertrophic – A scar that features lesions that rise off the skin. These scars are caused by the overgrowth of collagen. They are usually found on the chest, back, shoulders, and jawline.

HTB Treatment Options for Acne Scars

At HTB, we take skin health seriously. If you struggle with acne scars, you’ll find a comprehensive range of options at one of our California locations. Our chemical peels are formulated to exfoliate and renew your skin, while our CO2 lasers use light energy to remove damage and promote deep skin healing. Get in touch to learn more about the best option for your needs.

Find Effective Treatments for Acne Scars Here in the Greater San Diego Area

Don’t settle for rough skin! At HTB, we have a range of acne scar treatments ready to help you live beautifully. Click on the link below to find your nearest HTB location and schedule your appointment today. For questions and booking over the phone, give us a call by dialing (760) 274-3160.


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