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CoolSculpt vs Emsculpt: Battle of Body Contouring

CoolSculpt vs Emsculpt: Battle of Body Contouring

Body contouring has been a trend in the beauty and fitness world for quite some time. It certainly makes sense why such treatments are so popular...

Body contouring has been a trend in the beauty and fitness world for quite some time. It certainly makes sense why such treatments are so popular– there are many body-shaping treatments out there that boast tangible results without the need for surgery or recovery time. And that means there are significantly fewer risks involved.

But is it too good to be true? According to many reviews out there, there are two non-surgical body contouring treatment programs that seem to be working quite well. These treatments are Emsculpt and CoolSculpt.

So which one is the better choice? In this guide, we’ll be diving into everything clients need to know about improving their looks with both of these body-shaping treatments.

First, let’s explore what exactly body-shaping is.


Body-shaping, which is also referred to as body sculpting or body contouring, is the reshaping of body contours through muscle stimulation or the removal of fat deposits beneath the skin. Body-shaping can be both surgical and non-surgical.

Of course, not many people out there are interested in going under the knife for such a procedure. Body-shaping surgeries carry their own risks, including wound-healing problems, scarring, and even contour deformities. Because of this, many interested patients are gravitating towards non-surgical alternatives to body-shaping. Some alternatives include non-invasive laser body contouring systems, fat-freezing treatments, and muscle-stimulating treatments.

Now that we’ve established what body-shaping is, let’s look at two notable body-shaping treatments– CoolSculpt and Emsculpt.


CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive treatment for body-shaping. It is an FDA-approved type of fat reduction.

CoolSculpt works by using freezing temperatures to reduce the size of fat cells. Cold temperatures does not damage other types of cells in the body in the same way it damages fat cells, so there is little to no risk of damage to the skin or other tissue in the body.

During a CoolSculpting treatment, a practitioner will essentially vacuum the skin above an area of fatty tissue into a CoolSculpt applicator. Inside the applicator, the low temperature cools down the fat cells in the affected area. The temperate will fairly quickly numb the area and some clients have reported a chilly sensation, though nothing outwardly unpleasant. Some clients have also reported a feeling of very light soreness in the treatment area afterward, though nothing more unpleasant than the soreness one would feel after a somewhat intense workout.

In most cases, one treatment will take around an hour. It can take around six months for the fat cells to noticeably be reduced. In many cases, the area of treatment will see fat reduction of around 20%.

While CoolSculpting can be a great alternative to plastic surgery, there are some potential risks involved. Complications of CoolSculpt can include swelling, bruising, skin redness, pain, and skin sensitivity. However, less than 1% of reported patients have claimed to experience these side effects.

Now that we know what CoolSculpt is, what is Emsculpt, and how does it stand up to the competition?


Unlike CoolSculpt, Emsculpt does not involve fat-freezing technology for body-shaping. It is an FDA-approved non-invasive procedure that involves the use of electromagnetic energy to tighten muscles and eliminate fat cells.

An Emsculpt treatment is fairly simple. Clients simply lie down, and an Emsculpt device (which is connected to a larger machine) is applied to the desired area. The machine will emit electromagnetic pulses that work to strengthen the muscle fibers and eliminate fat in the affected area. The Emsculpt machine uses electromagnetic pulses to force muscles to contract about 20,000 times in half an hour, which is far faster than a person could do on their own. The rapid contractions then cause one’s muscle tissue to release chemicals that communicate to fat cells to break down.

The Emsculpt brand recommends four half-hour sessions of a period of two weeks for optimum results. In most cases, results can be seen around three months after treatment is completed.

On average, one can expect a 19% reduction of fat and muscle mass increases up to the 16th percentile.

Emsculpt also does not have any reported side effects. One may experience some muscle soreness (you are, after all, essentially doing a high-intensity workout) and it is not recommended to undergo Emsculpt treatments if you have any metal or electronics inside your body, such as a pacemaker or implant. This is because electromagnetic pulses can heat up or short-circuit such devices.

Emsculpt treatments are also enjoyed for being quite relaxing. The process of treatment is painless and there is no downtime or recovery after treatment. The panel device used to apply Emsculpt treatments is neither hot nor cold, and also does not use suction the way that CoolSculpt does. To put it simply, you just lay there and let the machine do its thing.


CoolSculpt and Emsculpt are very different types of treatments that do different things for body-shaping results. However, it is quite clear that the winner here is Emsculpt, because the treatment does quite a bit more than CoolSculpting does.

CoolSculpting shapes the body by freezing and eliminating fat by targeting specific areas of the body with cooling technology. Emsculpting, on the other hand, works by eliminating fat as well as building muscle. High-intensity focused electromagnetic energy can stimulate muscle contractions as well as reduce fat– which is something that CoolSculpting simply cannot do.

Both treatments are excellent for reducing body fat, but Emsculpt comes out on top for its muscle-building capabilities.

Emsculpt also does not take as long to complete as CoolSculpt, as a treatment is only thirty minutes compared to one hour. Emsculpt results also take less time to show up in three months as opposed to six months with CoolSculpt. Emsculpt treatments can be felt immediately after treatment and some results can be seen around four weeks after the treatment is complete. Plus, there are no known side effects of Emsculpt, though CoolSculpt has very few side effects.

Now, what about pricing?

CoolSculpt treatments vary quite significantly in price, depending on how many treatments and areas of treatment one decides to purchase. Each cycle on average costs approximately $750 and most patients will receive around four to ten cycles, depending on their specific needs. This means that a full CoolSculpt treatment can be priced anywhere from $3,000 to $7,500. That’s quite a hefty price tag for just fat burning.

Emsculpt, on the other hand, is sold via four treatments and rarely requires additional treatments. With a decent diet and regular exercise to maintain results, one is not likely to need more than four Emsculpt treatments. Prices vary depending on location, but on average an Emsculpt four-part treatment cycle will cost around $3,995. Holden Timeless Beauty currently offers $500 Emsculpt treatments, so you’re really saving a lot of money when compared to CoolSculpt treatment– plus, you’re getting all the added benefits of Emsculpt that include muscle toning, fewer risks, saved time, and fewer side effects.

There are also some significant differences between the two treatments when it comes to ideal candidates. CoolSculpt practitioners usually require their clients to be within twenty pounds of their ideal weight. Emsculpt, however, seems to have some mixed information when it comes to who can and cannot use the service. However, in general, Emsculpt patients should not have a BMI higher than 25 for the best possible end results.

The only real downside to Emsculpt, when compared to CoolSculpt, is the issue of the total body area that can be treated. CoolSculpt can be used virtually all over the body when there is excess fat. Currently, Emsculpt only treats the abdomen, buttocks, calves, and arms. However, it is likely that this will change as Emsculpt technology grows and improves. Regardless, Emsculpt leaves CoolSculpt in the dust with its superior technology and results.


Now that we’ve established the value of Emsculpt over CoolSculp, where can one find excellent Emsculpt treatments in the Southern California area? If one wants to undergo Emsculpt treatment, it should be done so at a professional spa or dermatologist.

Look no further than Holden Timeless Beauty. We offer a wide range of services for our clients, from wrinkle relaxer treatments to lash volumizing to, of course, Emsculpt treatments. Body-shaping treatments are one of our notable specialties. With no need for expensive surgery or downtime, our Emsculpt treatments provide 20,000 muscle contractions in thirty minutes.

We recommend two treatments a week for two weeks, totaling four treatments for the best results. We currently offer Emsculpt treatments for abdominal muscles, glutes, triceps, and biceps.

Currently, Holden Timeless Beauty is offering $500 off Emsculpt treatments. Learn more about how Holden Timeless Beauty can help you get the body sculpting results you need.


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