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Monica Barnes, RN

Monica launched her career in aesthetics in 2010, right after earning her degree from Kaplan College. Raised under the sunny skies of Del Mar, she nurtured a passion for skincare from a young age—a passion that blossomed into a fulfilling career. Monica thrives on building meaningful connections with her patients, collaborating closely with them to rejuvenate their appearances so they reflect the youthfulness and vitality they feel inside.

She is an expert in a variety of aesthetic treatments, including neuromodulators, dermal fillers, Sculptra, and advanced skin rejuvenation techniques. Monica’s talent lies in creating subtle yet impactful transformations, making her patients look as though they’re aging in reverse.

Beyond her aesthetic practice, Monica is deeply committed to a holistic approach to wellness, emphasizing the harmony of mind, body, and soul. Her personal life reflects these values—spending quality time with her son, embracing the transformative power of yoga and meditation, exploring nature with her pitbull Duke, engaging in physical fitness, practicing breathwork, and reading books on spiritual matters. Monica’s life and work are guided by her passion for wellness, beauty, and the meaningful relationships she cultivates.


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